Bali food TRAVEL

Discover Ubud’s organic food culture

Ubud in Bali holds a dear place to my heart as well as my tummy!

The region’s offering of organic and sustainable produce has grown from strength to strength over the years.
I have composed my favorite food experiences and ultimate organic cafés from my latest trip to Ubud. I hope they tantalize and fulfill your taste buds wildest dreams, as much as they did for me.


Cafe Pomegranate is one of those places that will stay in your heart well after your holiday has ended. Set out on foot along the windy path, or if you dare by bike, in the late afternoon to experience the spectacular sunset view to the Camphuan River, while you are perched above the rice paddy fields in what feels like an open walled circus tent with a ladder to the sky.

If your lucky you may also see the magical firefly’s lighting up the rice paddy fields as it gets dark.

The menu is a blend of European, Japanese and Balinese food, in a relaxed atmosphere. The vegetarian tasting plate was especially good and the pizzas are even better than some I’ve had in Italy!

Clear Café is a health food sanctuary. Its by far a health nuts dream!, and some what an institution for foreign Yogi’s heading to Ubud. The menu is extremely diverse, but well centred on the philosophy of ‘’eat the food you wish to be’’. And produce is only sourced from local organic growers.

I tried the ‘’Ikan Asli’’ fresh coconut crusted snapper with delicious saffron rice and pineapple coconut cream sauce, which given the chance I would have gone back every day to eat if I could. The fresh juice and smoothly menu is the heart and sole of the cafe. A must try is the ‘’chocolate butterfly’’ made with real peanut butter.

Ubud has an abundance of organic cafes and restaurants, but there was one that I was eagerly waiting to see. Bodag Maliah orangic Wayah by Sari Organik. The local organic market initiative set up to specialize in growing organic produce. It is only a 100m walk up the small path among the rice paddy fields from café Pomegranate.

Luckily it was nice and quiet first thing in the morning, so I was invited over to see the farm by a local rice farmer, still with his machete in hand! He told me I was able to go through the farm and pick all greens for my meal, this was such an authentic experience. The food is simple and traditional; try the iced lemon tea with rosella flowers and mint from the garden for the best refreshment you will get on a hot day.

Alchemy is a raw, vegan café with a well-deserved cult following for all things naturally organic. The place has a unique specialty, its amazing salad bar offering, as well as raw deserts, refreshing juices and smoothes, not to mention their raw chocalaterie!.

Head to Café Wayan in town along Monkey Forest rd for an authentic local specialty ‘’Bebek Bengil’’ deep fried duck or try one of their traditional Balinese buffets, while sitting in the beautiful garden and lotus ponds. For the keen hearten they also offer cooking classes for creating their exotic dishes!